Some of the types of Osho active meditation techniques 


A beautiful meditation coordinating sound and hand movement in a seated posture. The sound frequency resonates with the energy centers of the body helping clear harmonize them. Great for clearing blocks in the emotional body.






Also referred to as the shaking meditation. It alternates periods of shaking with stillness. Great for releasing deeper emotional blocks and removing toxins from the body while improving blood circulation.  



This is a fun meditation to release deep seated anger and other emotional residue through sound in a language you don't understand. Allows the mind to suspend thinking and express through the body. Great for opening up the throat chakra and improving spontaneity.





Laughter and tears

A fun and beautiful meditation to allow for spontaneous laughter and tears. It clears any blocks in the heart to feel more joy in life. Great for moving out of the head and mind while fostering a deep sense of well-being and lightheartedness. 


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